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About MetaData (MD)

"MetaData" It's the world's currency for the future

Get your metadata at zero cost, It will be a great asset to you in the future, Your future self will appreciate the choices you make now!

"MetaData" Social consensus based on zero cost and natural incentives

Human beings naturally have "It comes from the reward mechanism created by dopamine and endorphins" , With the development of the information age, We can use some of the virtual artifacts of information to enhance this reward system!

It's not easy "MetaData"

Metadata itself is a homogenizing token, But it has all the content and underpinning conditions that make a non-homogeneous token, Its value will be immeasurable in the future!

"MetaData" Transactions and transfers can be made directly between multiple users

Using blockchain technology for encryption and transmission. Users use private keys to ensure the security of their trunk data, The public key is regarded as the user's address "Revenue and expenditure" access.